a guide to releasing trapped spirits from haunted objects

Exorcism is Easy!

A nearly lost art…

When disaster struck the Center for Spiritual Extrication, untold volumes of research and wisdom were lost. Secrets of the arcane, tomes recovered from ancient tombs, and piles of notes from the eccentric and talented faculty went missing.

Thanks to archival efforts by the estate of Dr. Henry Velnyk, his precious notes are ours to study. This short but insightful guidebook will teach you all that you need to know about the amazing discoveries Dr. Velnyk made during his tenure as Professor of Exorcism Studies at the center.

Practice with a friend…

To accommodate recently renewed interest in Dr. Velnyk’s work, the estate’s archival effort has expanded to include a brand new interactive tool. Now you can learn the basics of exorcism and practice with your friends with the Exorcism is Easy! mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

While one of you attempts to extricate a trapped spirit from a haunted object, the other consults Dr. Velnyk’s notes, guiding and advising the exorcist at every turn. With careful and clear communication, a team of two can hone and grow their exorcism skills together.

Try it now!

EiE! a guide to releasing trapped spirits from haunted objects